Death Requisite


Before one can transcend the conventional constraints of mortality and become truly immortal, they must first sacrifice their spirit and soul to an uncompromising fate: Death itself. Only after embracing bleak lifelessness can one truly become deathless. It was said best by Polish aphorist and poet Stainislaw Lec: “The first requisite for immortality is death,” and few know that better than Floridian extreme metal act Death Requisite. Putting Lec’s quote to use in name and practice, this crushing quintet transcend conventional genre boundaries, combining melodic death metal, extreme metal and black metal to create something as murky and malicious as death itself. An amalgamation of straightforward, sinister aggression and enormous, atmospheric symphonies and stunning orchestral arrangements, Death Requisite are an onslaught of metallic prowess that will teach the listener what it is to become immortal—even if they have to do it the hard way.

Death Requisite first sprang to life in 1999, the product of five like-minded, metal-loving teenagers with little in the way of money or experience, but vast wealth in the way of a passion for writing and performing punishing music. Erupting from a humble origin, Death Requisite quickly earned a reputation for themselves via their engrossing, entertaining and energetic live performances. Before long, the band had earned themselves spots as headline acts for regional concerts, as well as recording contracts to release their first several albums, Living Sanctuary and From Death to Life. By the time 2005 rolled around, however, Death Requisite were lulled into a figurative slumber—a hiatus instigated by members’ missions to other countries, calls to military service or pursuing families and life outside of heavy music. While Death Requisite’s first era had come to a close, the metal community had not heard the last of these eviscerating metallic juggernauts.

Death Requisite were brought back to life, resurrected from a lengthy hiatus in 2010—renewing their dedication to the global metal community with a rejuvenated breed of “hybrid metal.” Defined as a figurative concentrate formed by distilling the most deadly and devastating styles from a sprawling variety of metallic subgenres, hybrid metal is simply a convenient and quick way to describe Death Requisite’s goal from day one: obliterate mediocrity and melancholy from metal by any means necessary. Featured in several print and digital publications, as well as releasing two new works, Prophets of Doom and Second Death, Death Requisite use their unique and intense blend of metallic styles as a vector for their thought-provoking lyrical content and enormously energetic live performance—allowing them to appeal to fans both religious and secular. Sharing the stage with acts from Norma Jean and Underoath to Terrorizer and Vital Remains, as well as The Absence, Rivers of Nihil, and Rings of Saturn. Featured on A Brutal Christmas: The Season in Chaos and Christian Deathcore Volume 4, and in HM Magazine and Metal Injection, there is no limit to what this trailblazing quintet can accomplish—including addition to Rottweiler Records’ impressive roster. With a bright future and a strong label backing, Death Requisite have returned from the grave a strong, dedicated and unstoppable metallic tour-de-force.