Forfeit Thee Untrue


These days, our lives are filled with clutter—physical clutter, defined by the almost obsessive need for more stuff—and spiritual clutter; things robbing us of our attention and energy, distracting us from what is truly important. Drowning in a cognitive cesspool composed of social media, political pollution and trends posing as religions, the time has come for a wake-up call, coming in the form of South African Christian metal act Forfeit Thee Untrue. Drawing from an unbelievable spectrum of metallic styles—including contemporary metalcore, sludgy doom metal and traditional death metal—Forfeit Thee Untrue wield a sprawling arsenal of metallic weaponry with which to combat contemporary complacency, annihilating the false and fake in an effort to striving for the real in every aspect of life.
Forfeit Thee Untrue was founded in its current iteration in 2010—although the bands origins can be traced back to a rock band formed by Forfeit Thee Untrue’ s founding members, Craig Palmer (drums) and Sean Towsen (guitar). 2010 saw the band—then a two-piece—searching for a third member and vocalist until 2011, when frontman and guitarist Gideon Karsten entered the picture. With three members and a common goal established, Forfeit Thee Untrue spent the following two years working hard on writing original material while searching for a fourth member. 2012 in particular was a busy year for Forfeit Thee Untrue—wherein the band reached its current status as a quartet (with lead guitarist, Mitch Pearson joining the band mid-year). The band finished recording their debut EP, Blood Soaked Splinter in February of 2013 and prepared it for an April release. The explosive debut EP shook the Christian metal community world-wide, showcasing the band’s dynamic blend of metallic styles and impressive songwriting ability. With some tracks aggressive enough to inflict blunt force trauma, yet others dreary and atmospheric, Forfeit Thee Untrue established a distinct attitude that pervades through any style they choose to channel.
With a successful EP release under their belts, the band kept their momentum going, touring incessantly throughout 2013 to support it before releasing a Christmas single title “Slavior.” Another resounding success, “Slavior” propelled the band into the writing and recording phase for their debut full-length album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam with producer Clinton Watts (2014 South African Metal Producer of the Year). Just before the culmination of 2013 and the commencement of full album recording, Towsen left the band. Newcomer bassist, Eckard van Tonder, then joined FTU in April 2014. 2014 and 2015 saw Forfeit Thee Untrue diligently writing and recording material for their breakout album—taking time to carefully and creatively meld metals with the skill of a practiced alchemist. Using brash, brutalizing heaviness contrasted against chilling calm, Forfeit Thee Untrue are a rebellious, riotous force for Christ, using a unique lyrical approach to ensnare listeners around the world. With a promising start to 2016 under American-based Rottweiler Records and a knack for combining passion and power in a devastating dialectic, Forfeit Thee Untrue are a band determined to spread their influence and message to every corner and crevice of the globe.