Hand of Fire


Fire is a marvelous thing: it provides light, heat and energy—it can be used as a weapon to ward of foes and it can bring people together. It can make food and sustain life while simultaneously possessing the ability to incinerate flesh and char bone. Most importantly, it is the symbol for passion itself—which is likely why it wound up as the namesake for Bay Area brutalizers Hand of Fire. Intense, aggressive and energetic—yet ferociously passionate—this Californian quartet attacks the listener with a barrage of metal, ranging from savage speed and skin-shredding riffs to immense harmonies and crushing climaxes.

Formed in 2015, Hand of Fire is the product of four veteran musicians from throughout the Bay Area. Led by current front man of legendary thrash band, Vengeance, Jim Settle, Hand of Fire’s members have been in prominent Californian punk and metal acts such as Tantrum of the Muse, Bomb and Scary and Something Left Unsaid—while Settle himself has toured with big names such as UnderOATH, Zao, and many more. With years of experience in the heavy music community under their belt, Hand of Fire set the Bay Area metal community ablaze in a storm of lacerating, razor-sharp and ruthless metal. Delivering a heavy-yet-hypnotizing live performance and working diligently to play several shows throughout the West Coast, Hand of Fire has garnered attention from Billy Boldt’s THRASHZONE radio, In the Pitts of Metal Chaos Radio and many more—and most importantly, the quartet’s crushing display of metal mastery have found them a home on Rottweiler Records’ impressive roster. Produced by seminal producer Juan Urteaga, the man responsible for producing such metal luminaries as Testament, Exodus, and Machine Head at Trident Studios in Pacheco, California, it is only a matter of time before Hand of Fire set your speakers ablaze with their debut release, Nuclear Sunrise.