Lust Control


Have you ever been going through your old belongings—maybe you were moving, or finally tackling long-overdue spring cleaning—to find something which was so integral to your existence that you honestly can’t believe you could ever live without it? If you haven’t, then get ready to. Remember Lust Control? These hard hitting, genre defining hardcore punk legends are back after a nearly two-decade break from their special breed of thrash laden, tantalizingly provocative yet thoroughly tongue-in-cheek brand of punk. Signing to Rottweiler Records after re-uniting for the first time in 17 years in 2011, Lust Control are back with a new, metallic mentality to put behind their same, ferocious hardcore drive.Often described as somewhere between “Jerry Falwell’s Revenge” and “Johnny Rotten’s Nightmare”, Lust Control refer to themselves more as “four guys talking about sex.” This description, however, is subtle and doesn’t paint a complete picture of the raunchy, ravenous rhythms and lacerating, lightning-speed music these four lunatics make. With the tongue-in-cheek cynicism of The Ramones coupled with the vibrant, colorful energy of Bad Brains, Lust Control are fresh from the studio with a “decidedly more metallic” release. Each of the respective band members have matured as artists over the years, in addition to their maturation as a unit (using the term “mature” lightly, of course). The band’s new approach promises to be just as intense and lacerating as the rollicking riotous tracks they released in the eighties. To put it simply, while the band might be taking a newer approach, they still hold true to their punk ethos and commitment to bring the most energetic and intense music possible to the listener—which makes them a perfect fit for Rottweiler Records.

Rip-roaring riffs, pummeling, punishing percussion, abrasive intense vocals and (you guessed it) sex, sex, sex; Lust Control are back. They are poised to usher in their reunion with an album that provides a revolutionary, rambunctious listening experience sure to bring back headbanging reminiscent of the listener’s youth with a new, well-aged edge.