Soul Embraced


Soul Embraced have been decimating the underground metal scene worldwide with their caustic, relentless aural slam to the eardrums for over 16 years. Formed in 1997 by drummer David Sroczynski and Living Sacrifice guitarist William “Rocky” Gray, Soul Embraced began grinding away at the local Little rock, AR metal scene. Eventually Soul Embraced saw the departure of Sroczynski, which ushered in a new line up, which included fellow Living Sacrifice member Lance Garvin on drums and Gray’s brother in-law, Chad Moore on vocals. When Gray and Garvin weren’t busy with Living Sacrifice, they set hammer to anvil making calamitous metal compositions for Soul Embraced.

The band released an EP (The Fleshless EP), and three albums (For the Incomplete, This Is My Blood, Immune) over a five-year span. For the Incomplete was re-released in 2003 by the independent label Blood and Ink Records, while subsequent releases bore the brand of the highly respected Solid State Records. Drummer Rocky Gray is best known for his work with the multi-platinum selling artists, Evanescence from 2003 to 2007. In fact, Evanescence’s song “Tourniquet” is a cover of the Soul Embraced song “My Tourniquet”. Soul Embraced later released Dead Alive on April 29, 2008 and, after 10 years and 3 records, Soul Embraced parted ways with Solid State Records on amicable terms.

Five years have since passed and Soul Embraced fans worldwide have been anticipating the release of the band’s fifth full length album, “Mythos.” The album is set to release July 9th on Rottweiler Records (Every Knee Shall Bow, Abated Mass Of Flesh, Grave Robber, The Order Of Elijah, Lust Control). Rocky Gray himself has stated he believes this release is “by far the best, most brutal Soul Embraced record to date.” He has called “Mythos” an album of “spiritually charged, powerful metal” and “thought provoking”.