The Autumn League


Often times, the greatest pieces of art arise from subtle beginnings. This is certainly true of Australia’s The Autumn League–a group that began as little more than one man’s creative journey. However, where The Autumn League’s voyage started subtly, it has grown into an epic, intense and emotionally provocative trek. Offering the listener a broad, blistering immersion into all things metal, The Autumn League are an aural onslaught with a fierce heart and ferocious passion that are bound to make a lasting impact on the global heavy music community.

The Autumn League began with one man: PJ Somers. 2012 saw Somers beginning work on his debut venture–a short release which he explains as “more about following a creative passion and seeing what would come of it, rather than creating an album.” Fast forward several months, and Somers would release his first single, “The Hour is at Hand,” which met with much success in the local metal community. Encouraged by his small-time success, Somers was driven to seek out like-minded musicians to add life and color to The Autumn League’s maturing sound. 2013 came and went with Somers deep in seclusion, cantankerously crafting The Autumn League’s first full length release. Finally emerging from the mixing and mastering stages at Bright Lights Sound Room in early 2014, Concept of Irony was released into the wild. Clocking in at over an hour with fifteen full tracks, Concept of Irony is a comprehensive display of modern metallic mastery. Tracks like the devastating “Lament” appeal to those thirsting for aggression, while “Weightlessness” is every bit as ambient and serene as the name would imply.

Though a diverse display of metallic expertise, Concept of Irony is linked together by lyrical themes of religion and redemption–with some tracks serving as personal testaments from Somers’ past, and others being parables drawn from the stories of others. The manifestation of Somers’ passion for people is the icing on the marvelous cake that is The Autumn League–a project designed to serve as an outlet for Somers’ creative energy and spiritual dedication.