Decayed Existence

Description. When one uses the term “decay,” there is an implication or sense of rot—a sort of putrescence that only comes from the loss of life. Even reading the word, you can almost feel the sting in your nostrils, sense the wafting aroma of despair and desiccated flesh filling your nasal cavity. It is synonymous […]

Doomsday Hymn

Description. The end of days is soon to be upon us–skies blacken and lightning crashes, cracking deep gashes in the earth’s firmament. Before long, the planet’s core is exposed and the day of reckoning rears its head–all brought about by the aptly named hybrid metal act from Parana, Brazil, Doomsday Hymn. Influenced by everything from […]


At its most basic, music is a vector—a means to deliver a message made of passion and emotion. But as feelings change and passion ranges from sorrow to fury, the message music carries becomes convoluted and complex, encompassing the entire spectrum of the human condition. This bizarre and rudimentary aspect of music is evident in […]